This course provides the technician with the fundamental knowledge of electrical theory, including Ohm’sLaw, Kirchoff’s Law, series, parallel, and series-parallel electrical circuits. This course will cover electronic components and sensors used in today’s ESC (Electronic Stability Control) braking systems. The course is composed of two sessions. Session I covers basic electrical theory and “understanding electrical circuits”. Session II covers electronic components, brake system sensors, and nib deciphering wiring diagrams.

Brake Electrical and Electronic Component Service

• ABS electrical and electronic systems
• Brake principles
• General electrical diagnosis
• Test equipment and testing
• Brake stop light circuits
• Electrical diagnosis: parking brake lamp
• Brake system warning lamp
• Electrical systems diagnosis: brake fluid level switch
• Brake electrical system components: center high mounted stop lamps
• ABS electrical system component replacement: ABS control unit
• ABS electrical system component replacement: wheel sensors
• Wiring harness repair


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