Today’s cars, trucks and heavy vehicles have more protocols than ever before. These
protocols control different components and sub-systems that you must be able to diagnose
in order to keep up with the latest technology. Controller Area Network (CAN), Local
Interconnect Network (LIN) and Flex Ray protocols on all Light, Medium and Heavy vehicles
are forcing technicians to learn new diagnostics strategies.


This in-depth course will provide you with a clear understanding of how the protocols
network and communicate so you can quickly and efficiently diagnose the problem and
even apply the information learned in your service bay the very next day.


Diagnostic equipment is covered so that you will become familiar with what can be
accomplished with Scan-Tools, DVOMs, and Digital Storage Scopes.


• This class covers the CAN protocol and all of its versions.

• Heavy-duty application: J-1939, J-1939 250, J-1939 500
• Dividing networks and Isolating modules such as Bulkhead & Chassis ECMs
• The importance of De-coding signals
• Detecting and the cause of signal over shoot
• Identifying a slow responding module
• Ultra, High Medium and Low Speed CAN signal analysis
• Modules that continuously communicate interfering with other modules functions
• Configure and Reprogram/Re-flash Diagnostic Trouble Codes (U-Codes)
• Diagnosing PCM, BCM, Front Control, ABS, IPC & other modules


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