CNG Safety overview, procedures & emergency response specific to CNG

CNG Tank Systems:
• Fast & slow fill fueling apparatus
• On board storage, tank types, filters & regulators
CNG Fuel Systems:
• Fumigation
• Electronic port injection
• BiFuel systems
• Conversion vs. OEM designs
CNG Issues & Concerns:
• Moisture
• Contamination from compressor oil, by products
• Lubricity-Top end issues with older engines & conversions
• Mechanical diagnostics
Engine Management:
• Inputs-outputs
• Use of a DVOM
• Use of a scan tool, understanding PIDs and DTCs
• Hands on activities in shop; (break included in this time slot)
• Diagnosing drive-ability related to fueling
• Diagnostics using an OBD II scan tool
• Diagnostics using a DVOM
• Equivalence ratio, understanding MAF sensor values
• Understanding engine load/engine vacuum % the relationship to the CNG regulator
Maintenance Procedures:
• Filter service, system shut down, defueling, servicing fittings & lines, tank inspection
Overview of ASE F1 Certification and CSA Tank Inspector Certification


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