Maintenance professionals in charge of CNG fleets must know how to visually inspect cylinders and the vehicle chassis to determine whether the containers and plumbing are safe. Periodic cylinder and chassis inspections help to ensure the safety of both CNG vehicle drivers and the public.

This two-day class is designed for all technicians & management. You will learn the regulations and proper required periodic inspection of cylinders used in Compressed
Natural Gas vehicle applications. Inspection standards, safety procedures and inspection techniques are covered.

 What is acceptable damage and appropriate corrective actions

 Identify component function and installation requirements in accordance with NFPA 52

 Define CNG cylinder types and type of damages associated with CNG cylinders and CNG related components

 Identify cylinder damage levels, types, possible repairs, and cylinder disposition

 Regulations and required periodic inspection requirements for CNG vehicle applications in accordance with CGA 6.4

 Identifying equipment and procedures for visual and detailed CNG cylinder solenoids, valves & plumbing Inspections in accordance with CGA 6.4

 Safely defuel, handle and store CNG cylinders

 Facility requirements related to CNG safety and performing inspections

 Properly execute and document CNG inspections according to manufacturer and CGA 6.4 guidelines for
• Fire or accident impact or excessive heat
• Chemical or substance attack
• Odor, leakage, or bubbles on type 4 cylinders
• Periodic inspection intervals
• Cylinder is removed and reinstalled

 Prep class for CSA Fuel Systems Inspector examination


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