Essential Electrical Troubleshooting For Cars, Trucks, & Heavy Equipment

Recognizing, identifying and solving electrical problems on today's cars, trucks and construction equipment can be tough. Take this course and learn to quickly identify, repair, and test electrical circuits and component problems. Let us help you reduce the time spent diagnosing the electrical systems by focusing on the problematic systems that plague EVERY technician. We will cover Performance problems due to electrical systems, Unique electrical networks and more.


Course Coverage:

  • Using Digital Voltage Meters and Scan Tools

  • Crankshaft Position sensor

  • Cam position sensor

  • Injector solenoid

  • Oil Pressure sensor

  • Oil Pressure switch

  • Mass air flow sensor

  • Ambient Air temp sensor

  • Intake air temperature sensor

  • Crankcase pressure sensor

  • VGT turbo actuator

  • Turbo speed sensor 

  • Fuel Pressure sensor

  • Fuel solenoid

  • Engine coolant temp sensor

  • Coolant level sensor

  • Emissions sensors

  • DEF sensors and pumps

  • EGR position 

  • ABS wheel speed sensors (how many and how they work)

  • ABS solenoids

  • Duty cycles

  • Batteries

  • Alternators

  • ECM grounds and voltages

  • Intake heaters


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