Vehicle Emission Controls – Theory, Inspection Requirements,

Diagnosis, & Testing

a. Positive Crankcase Ventilation

b. Thermostatic Air Cleaners

c. Fuel Evaporative Systems

d. Catalytic Converters

e. Air Injection Systems

f. Exhaust Gas Recirculation

g. Spark Controls

h. Fuel Injection Systems

i. Oxygen Sensors

j. Wiring to Sensors and Switches

k. Vacuum Lines to Sensors and Switches

l. Other Emission Related Components

m. Use of the emission component application guide


Functional Testing Procedures

a, Exhaust Gas Recirculation

b. Ignition timing

c. Fuel Cap

d. Check Engine Light

e, Liquid Leak Inspection

f. Fuel Fill Pipe Restrictor

g. Interpretation of Vehicle Inspection Report Results


Five Gas Analyzers and Dynamometers

a. Safety

b, Conducting an Inspection

c. Use of manual modes

d. Calibration

e. Maintenance


Administrative Requirements

a. Record keeping requirements


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