It is reported that 43% of the ESIM systems and 47% of NVLD system components are being replaced even though they are in normal working condition. That tells us that technicians are replacing “good” components and costing their customers money. That can hurt a shop’s reputation.

This training course covers electrical and function testing for all components. It isn’t all about smoke machines. Are you flow testing the performance of the EVAP system? Leak testing is only a small part of diagnostics for these systems. Smoke machines are dangerous, are your technicians using theirs in a safe manner.

There are as many systems as there are vehicle manufacturers. These systems check for leaks using various strategies. Domestic, Asian, and Euro light duty vehicles are included to provide you with knowledge of the different systems and all the strategies used in operation and self-diagnostics. Since 2008 model year vehicles can perform the In-Service-Bay-EVAP-Test. Learn how to interpret the test results completely. We will discuss how to divide all of the components, hoses, connections, and the canister into sections making diagnostic simpler.

The 0.040 inch leak has been changed to a 0.090 inch leak test. The test isn’t required but most manufacturers use it for self-diagnostics. Diagnostic trouble codes are valuable in diagnosing these systems. They can quickly point to an electrical, flow problem or a leak. If they are interpreted correctly, they save time and make the diagnostics more accurate. We also discuss the codes that have different meanings on different vehicles.


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