On Board Diagnostics second generation is all about testing. Vehicle manufacturers
and the EPA have determined that OBD-II testing is as accurate as or better than
standard diagnostics and emission testing.
No other vehicle manufacturer allows a technician to interact with the OBD-II testing
like Ford does.
Each section begins with a discussion about operation and strategies. All OBD-II
Diagnostic Tests Modes, one through nine is covered to allow you to take advantage of
Ford's powerful PCM self diagnostics. Not just the self tests but all of them:
 System Status (I/M Ready)
 DTC Information (All)
 Freeze Frame
 Warm-Up Cycles
 Test Mode 1 (PIDS)
 Test Mode 6
Learning to interact with the PCM will assist you in being quicker and accurate in your
OBD-II is divided into monitors. Understanding these monitors is a key to diagnosing
with or with diagnostic trouble codes. Take advantage of knowing how the PCM
perform it's testing so you can reduce your time diagnosing problem vehicles.
New technologies such as electronic throttle and variable valve timing are covered.
This is not a class about theory. This is about how Ford controls vehicle drivability and
emissions and how to diagnose failures to reduce comebacks. Diagnosing and
repairing driver complaints and concerns correctly will return the vehicles back to a
safe and dependable condition. Research has shown that vehicles that are repaired
through OBD-II testing perform better and get better fuel mileage.


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