This course covers Ford’s latest Powerstroke 6.7 Diesel Engines (Scorpion) where performance problems are not uncommon. Technicians have reported that these vehicles are difficult to repair and that information is hard to find or inaccurate. By attending this ATA course, you will get the repair information and help needed to diagnose and repair Ford’s Powerstroke  6.7L applications.


This advanced engine is computer controlled using dozens of inputs and outputs. We will show how to use Scan-Data, DMMs, and DSOs for testing the electronic computer-controlled systems. Factory schematics will be used to show function, operation and testing of the electronic controlled system. 

We will cover the Fuel control and delivery all the way from the DFCM to the tips of the Piezo injector tips. Both the pressure and volume control components. We will cover how the injector’s electrical polarity is reversed to increase injection firing events. And how the injector’s firing captors are maintained and controlled with smart drivers.


Also Covered:

  • Smart Charging System

  • Primary and Secondary Cooling Systems

  • Air Management using the Dual Boost single turbocharger

  • Computer Controlled VGT Operation and its inputs and outputs.    

  • The EGR Throttle Plate Control.

  • Glow Plug Operation and Testing.

  • Emission Control System


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