This hands-on course delivers a clear understanding of hybrid vehicles technology and service on heavy vehicles. You'll examine the Hybrid's subsystems, control systems and hardware choices. Even with the serious warnings about the high voltage components, you will be surprised to learn that many of these complex drive systems can be repaired in the aftermarket shops.

  • OSHA's 6 Safety Requirements for servicing

  • Real World Issues with Hybrids

  • CAN (Controller Area Network

  • Checking & Balancing battery packs on buses

  • Changing High Voltage DC into 3 Phase Voltage for Electric Motors

  • Power accessories (power steering, air conditioning, and charging system)

  • Electric motors operation, Inverters, Converters, Regenerative Braking, Mild & Full Hybrids

  • Transmission Operation

You'll also spend time with energy storage systems and reach a higher level of understanding in the designs of battery packs for energy storage capacity, accessibility, location, environmental protection and safety. Transmission and drive train modules include: regenerative braking, planetary gear sets and launch control. Techs will gain insight into how to service these vehicles, what to stay away from, general maintenance, and much more.


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