The Ford C C-Max and Ford Fusion Hybrid plug plug-in vehicles are covered in this

in in-depth course that was designed to meet the specific needs of your fleet

technicians technicians. This class gives you latest information available in operation and

. diagnostics for the electr electric motors, high ic high-voltage battery packs, inverters,

converters, and control circuits.

The po powertrain operation has changed wertrain and the Atkinson 5 cycle operation will be

covered. Regenerative braking is explained because these vehicles do not have

an alternator alternator. Scan data is an important part of the diagnostics because it helps

. keep the technician out of the dangerous high voltage systems. Hybrids have

taken diagnostic trouble codes to a new level and will be discussed. This course is

invaluable to anyone who is doing drivability work on Ford Hybrid vehicles.

Ford manufacturer has both strong and mild Hybrid operations, which are covered

separately. Battery technology is a main subject in hybrids and is an evolving

technology that the technician must stay up on. The engine does not have a

starter motor so starting the gasoline engine is covered. Get the solutions to the

real real-world challenges technicians’ face during diagnosing these vehicles.

  • Hybrid modes of operation

  • Safety & Safety equipment

  • The interlock system

  • Ground fault system

  • Ground fault insulation testing

  • Electric motor operation and diagnostics

  • Resolver operation and diagnostics

  • High voltage operation

  • High voltage battery pack operation and diagnostics

  • High voltage battery pack diagnostics on the b bench ench

  • Maintaining hybrid vehicles


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