This course delivers a clear understanding of hybrid vehicles technology
and service. You'll examine the Hybrid's subsystems control systems and
hardware choices. Even with the serious warnings about the high voltage
components these complex drive systems are be being ing repaired in the
aftermarket shops shops.
Every shop needs to know how to service hybrids: the internal combustion
engine must operate properly to get the mileage motorist motorists expect. You also
need to know about the drive system to understand the complex continuously
variable transmission that splits power between the internal combustion engine
and the electric traction motor, some vehicles have two or three electric motors.
Transmission and drive train modules include: regenerative braking,
planetary gear sets and launch control. Learn how to service these vehicles,
safety issues, maintenance, and much more.
•    How to service and stay safe
•    Real World Issues with Hybrids
•    CAN (Controller Area Network)
•    Power Splitter Operation
•    AC Compressor Oper Operation ation
•    Power accessories (power steering, air conditioning, and charging system)
•    Electric Motors otors Operation, I peration, Inverters, nverters, Converters, Battery Packs
•    Regenerative Braking, Safety Disconnects, Mild & Full Hybrids
•    Toyota Toyota-Honda Honda-GM GM-Ford Differences and Commonaltie Commonalties


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