The DSO is one of the best diagnostic tools available. Many technicians use theirs every day and then some never use one. The difference is profitability when diagnosing difficult problems. There are signals on a vehicle that only a DSO will work on, making it a must have tool for all shops.

This class includes DSO operation by demonstrating on broken vehicles. Bring your Tool to class and train on the equipment you have in your shop.

This class covers operation, set-up and diagnostic strategies using any tool that measures and displays voltage/current overtime. Many uses of high and low Amp probes are covered to see the mechanical and electrical conditions in the current waveforms. Even if you have experience using a Lab Scope, Graphing Multimeter, or Current Probe, this training will reinforce your voltage and current testing knowledge. You will be challenged to use your tools in innovative ways to accurately diagnose problem vehicles.

If you are new to DSOs you will quickly be brought up to date on DSO operation and be able to use them because 50% of this class is hands-on.


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