Mode §06 is one of the 9 ODBII diagnostic test modes. It is enhanced data from the Powertrain Control Module that makes diagnosing drivability problems easier. Mode §06 is a powerhouse for system diagnostics and pending failures that may cause a check engine light. Mode 6 is part of the computer’s diagnostic software package that can be accessed with a scan tool. Many technicians get frustrated when faced with an undocumented TID (Test Identification) and/or CID (Component Identification) and are left at a standstill. This class offers a solution to that problem. Because Mode 6 was originally designed for engineer’s usage, it needs to be converted into an understandable format by the technician before he can read it. By using Mode 6, technicians will improve their diagnostic efficiency and accuracy. We use actual case studies to guide you through Mode 6 data to solve problems. OBDII didn’t create a universal world, so you must be armed with the latest diagnostic procedures to effectively diagnose communication problems on domestic vehicles.

  • How to access Mode §06

  • Interpreting intermittent test data

  • What diagnostic test Mode 6 is supplying test results data for

  • Interpreting failed test results

  • Scanner compatibility & DTC repairs

  • This class will guide you through the special tests using Mode §06 data for diagnosing Misfires, EFR, EVAP, O2 & catalyst

  • Mode §06 differences among GM, Ford & Chrysler

  • Learn how to use Mode §06 to spot impending problems

  • This course includes tests that will identify problems that aren’t easily spotted with scan data alone

  • Class manual includes conversion charts for all domestic vehicles so the technician can begin using Mode 6 as a daily diagnostic tool!


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