The course covers inspections for the California Biennial Inspection of Terminals

(BIT) that is required for all California fleets. Fleets must inspect vehicles every 90

days. Any vehicle that fails the inspection must be removed from service. The main

reason for out of service status is AIR/ABS brake problems. US Department of

Transportation did an inspection of 1,000 trailers and found 300 trailers had the

trailer ABS warning light disabled. Service personnel disable the warning light rather

than repair the problem.

We will also cover Automatic Stability Control for heavy duty trucks. Stability control

reduces truck rollover by 40% and jack knife accidents by 67%. The stability control

operation requires an operational ABS system. Stability control is disabled when the

ABS system had a failure code that would prevent individual wheel brake controls.

The DVD has diagrams and simple diagnostic steps for the two most popular ABS

brake SYSTEMS (Bendix and Meritior).

Diagnosing and troubleshooting brake problems must be done at once to provide

the necessary repairs on brake systems that will prevent serious accidents when

the vehicle is in use. Take this course and learn key strategies to diagnose

and troubleshoot problems on Air Brake systems. This class will show you how to

quickly and efficiently determine the cause & guide you into making the right decision

of which components of the brakes must be repaired or if not repairable; replaced.

Learn the fundamentals of Antilock Brake System through both sides of ABS, electrical and mechanical. Each component’s operation and function for isolation and dumping are covered. Also tactics for ABS failure mode diagnosis and troubleshooting.

  • Air Brake Function and Operation

  • Air Compressors

  • Valves

  • Foundation Drum Brake Failure

  • Air Slack Adjusters & Brake Chambers

  • Air Brake Service

  • Park, Emergency & Air Brake Systems   

  • Air Brake Mechanical

  • ABS for Tractors & Trailers

  • Detailed Diagnostics for the Trouble Codes

  • Heavy Duty Vehicle ABS Systems


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