A professional shop must be able to diagnose today’s hybrid vehicles. Stop sending them back to the dealership, and losing the trust of your customers and money. This training course supplies the technician with advanced, in depth information about Toyota’s hybrids.

Let us show you diagnostic strategies; following Toyota’s recommendations but, in procedures that can be performed in aftermarket shops. Learn how to use scan data to address problems with and without diagnostic trouble codes. Learn how to recondition the battery pack at a fraction of the cost of a new unit, saving the customer thousands of dollars.

This class delivers detailed information that allows you to quickly and accurately diagnose the most difficult problems. One of the most difficult problems on a hybrid is a no-start; learn to diagnose each step required to start and operate a hybrid. Attend this class and discover the function, operation, and how to diagnose each of the computer systems using pin out voltages with scan data.

  • Main Hybrid Controller

  • Power Controller

  • Security Immobilizer Controller

  • Gear Select (both designs) Systems

  • Smart Key Controller

  • HV Battery Pack Controller

  • Skid Controller

  • Transponder Controller

Diagnostics with ECU pin voltage for all hybrid trouble codes with diagrams. Hybrid scan data with typical values for the hybrid ECUs. Detailed operational sequences with a guide for what happens at each point in the sequence. Toyota’s unusual acronyms for signals are explained in easy to understand descriptions.


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