Air Conditioning repairs can generate the greatest volume of "come-backs” in most repair facilities. These re-checks are very costly and can reduce the profitability of your business. This in-depth course is designed with every HVAC Service Technician in mind. Let us show you the latest techniques and information for inspections, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and repair of today's HVAC systems so you will fix it right the first time and every time!

Class Coverage:
• Diagnose and repair failed system components
• Evacuate and recharge a refrigeration system
• Interpret schematic diagrams
• Reprogram the A/C control system
• EPA rules governing MVAC and SNAP listings
• Refrigeration essentials
• A/C systems inspections
• A/C efficiency and system charge
• Leak detection; evaporator core leaks
• Testing techniques

EPA Regulations: What everyone should know
• The effect of the latest EPA regulations on the technician’s ability to diagnose and repair late model passenger car and light truck HVAC systems
• The most current information on refrigerant HFO 1234yf and several other products that are still in the wings
• Revised EPA 609 standards for training technicians to safely service the new vehicles that are already on the road
• EPA encourages OEM's to use the new refrigerant yet it is a gross violation of EPA emission standards to not properly service vehicle systems with the correct refrigerant


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