Automotive networks are changing everything from lighting to braking by-wire. There are more protocols than ever before forcing the technician to learn new diagnostic procedures. These new protocols require a higher bandwidth with as close to “real time communications” as the manufacture can get.

Local Interconnect Network (LIN) and Controller Area Network (CAN), are the most popular protocols in-vehicle and have been a several years, and FlexRay is the newest. But a vehicle can have many different protocols controlling different components and sub-systems you must be able to diagnose.

Domestic manufactures have designed the protocols to fit their needs and largely ignored the standards, while Imports have designed their protocols based on ISO 9141. There are domestic vehicles that use J-1850 and ISO 1941 on the same model. In class the rules for each protocol are laid out so the technician can quickly and accurately get to the root cause of the problem.

This training provides you with system knowledge that you can take into the service bay the next day and be more productive.

• Scan Tool Won’t Communicate? Learn a quick test to determine if it is the network of the scan tool at fault.
• Diagnosing when the Scan Tool is rendered useless.
• CAN, CAN-C, CANC Diagnostics, CAN-B. LIN, GMLAN, J-1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, Class II, UART, LUX, MUX, PSI, SCI, CCD, SCP, DC Power line, ISO-9141/I, ISO-9141/II, Bean, VAN, Key Word 2000
• Configuring and Reprogramming/Re-flashing
• Understanding Gateway modules
• Diagnosing: PCM, BCM, Front Control, ABS, IPC & other modules on today’s vehicles.


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